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Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Tammy; I was born in NYC but raised here in the Buckeye State! I currently live just south of Cleveland in the Akron area with my amazing husband, wonderful daughter and four legged fur balls Scooby and Belle :)

I love sports, scrapbooking, online shopping, ice cream, sleeping… Ha, really love a lot of things. Sand, sun and even snow all make me happy :) Truly blessed with amazing family and friends, and even though they are all over the US, we never miss a beat. Obviously I love photography. It has always had a place in my heart. I recall wanting to capture random moments from grade school on! 

 One of my early jobs when I was about 19 or so was taking pictures of couples out and about at Club Coconuts and the Shooters Dock. LOL if you remember Coconuts you have just been given an idea of my age – eek! There are boxes and boxes of photos from nights out on the town with friends (don’t worry they are hidden away ;)) The thing is, I love all the moments of every day, and have always enjoyed freezing that on photo paper or digitally, allowing me to share them, or just have them. These are the images that when you look at them, a rush of feeling takes you right back to that moment.

Taking photos has always been part of me, but the desire to make this a part of my everyday life was catapulted with the birth of our daughter. Yes… for those who want to call it "Momtographer" go ahead if it makes you happy. Capturing and preserving her most precious memories and her everyday craziness became more than a hobby; it soon became a passion and way of life. Over the years, the lens has allowed me to freeze life’s incredible moments, the laughs, the glances and the silliness that all to often we miss in the hustle of our everyday. It is in these moments that I relish and find inspiration.

As my hobby became my passion and my passion became my obsession, I began enveloping myself in the art. I have spent the past several years, and continue honing my skills through education and practice all the while having a lot of fun! All that fun has lead me to this point……welcome to Tammy Henry Photography!

I am excited to get to know you and help you to capture and preserve life’s unforgettable moments. Life’s a amazing journey and I will provide you the pictures to prove it!

Lots of love and hugs, Tammy :)

Based in Akron, Ohio Tammy Henry Photography offers a variety of photography services! Full Service Wedding Photography, Family portraits, Senior Photos,  Event Photography, Sports Photography, Team & Individual Photography, Akron Senior Photos, Cleveland Senior Photography

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